Arjun Narendran Sportsmen

Arjun Narendran, a professional car racer, from Coimbatore, India. His career in this enterprising field began when he discovered his fervor and fascination for this challenging art in 2011,. It was then his uncle, Mr. V. Ram Narayan, stepped in and offered unconditional support, for which he is forever grateful.

Arjun has won several races, including the Indian National Touring Championship and the Indian National Formula 1600 Championship. Despite his popularity, Arjun remains as humble and down to earth as ever.

Being a sportsperson demands a significant amount of physical and mental training. As far as physical training is concerned, he was fortunate enough to be tutored by a six time INRC motor Rally Champion, Mr N. Leelakrishnan. In order to tackle the mental and physical pressure, he was mentored by two leading sports psychologists, Mr.Badri and Mr. Ramji Srinivasan.

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